Travel to Nature; A holiday in Nature with all kinds of outdoor activities for everybody.

Travel and Yoga; You can make a start to learn how to relax and reload your battery.

Yoga retreats; Yoga teaches us to balance body and mind, and to balance mind and consciousness.
the exercises provide strength and energy and provide a generally pleasant feeling
of relaxation. It is precisely in our hectic 21st century that yoga is a good way to allow
rest and relaxation.

Group retreats and seminar; a combination off outdoor activities, yoga and seminars. For business and individuals.

In Nature you can start with the peace in your head. You can escape from your daily thoughts.
A holiday in the Nature and Wildlive will reload your battery. You will find your balance.
If you choose for a combination off holiday and yoga you will make a start off learning how to relax.
After learning you can practice this at home again.

Teacher : Mirko Udzenija-Berger
He is an Antistress trainer and Massage therapeut and Hatha yoga docent.
These are special yoga exercises which are easy to practise. After lecture you relax to the sounds of the swinging Bowls, their vibration supports your inner balance. This is an optimal combination to recharge your inner batteries. His special yoga exercises are easy to practise. They will bring you in a deeper connection with your pysical and mental inner strenght.



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